Who we are

Euroclinical was created as an exclusively online sales company of medical equipment directed to professionals.

We offer the most recognized brands of the market for its optimum quality and sales service: SECA, HEINE, EDAN, PANASONIC,CUSTO.MED, COSMED, F. BOSCH y GANSHORN. Our products have from 1 year UP TO 10 years of warranty ACCORDIANG TO MANUFACTURER.

 Our company is specialized in high quality medical equipment at very competitive prices, simplifying the purchase´s processes and with a warranty of fast shipments within Spain and the European Union.

 In our website you will find:

- Scales: A wide selection of scales for intensive use, both medical and PROFESSIONAL SCALES for high exactitude requirements.

- Diagnostic Instruments: everything you need in small instruments for a precise and reliable diagnostic.

- Ultrasounds: for multiple specialties applications,

- ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHS : a wide range of cardiology devices

- Spirometers: We present a selection of the most accurate models to ensure optimum diagnostic results and ease of use.

- LIGHTING :We have the ideal light source for any medical application where you need to see all the details

- DEFIBRILLATORS: soon in stock

 Also we can offer you any medical equipment from the brands we sell, in that case just send an email to our sales department: sales@euroclinical.com and we will send you an individualized quote.